Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Religion is really just made up?

Some of our ancestor's thought up the idea of the super natural world. This isn't surprising because they did participate in abnormal rituals with dancing and chanting. This behavior supposedly connected the people with the supernatural.

It’s hard to wrap my brain around concepts like these when believing in God is the way I was brought up. It’s like did anyone ever read or research about God not being real. I mean I guess I do live in the bible belt of the United States and have never been in an environment where the population did not believe in god. It’s weird that I have never really believed in god because of the town I was raised in and the people that I have grown up with do.

These books that we have been reading just strengthen my reasons for not believing in God. I like that it does, but it also pulls me away from my parents and friends that do believe in God.

It seriously just blows my mind that the origins of religion are made up through rituals of wild people dancing and chanting to the ‘Gods’.

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