Tuesday, April 19, 2011

S.W. and Rossano on the Darwinian Theory

Stewart-Williams on the Darwinian Theory

Differential Reproduction- the idea that organisms that best adapt to a given environment with be most likely to survive and reproduce offspring.

Variation- is due to polymorphism: different individuals have distinctly different structures, but belong to the same pop since they reproduce.

Geographic variation: species in different areas look

different from each other.

Hybrid zones: two different organisms interbreed. Fixed gene flow in and out of the hybrid zone. High fitness area in zone. There are mutations that lead to variation in the population.

Inheritance- species pass their genes on to offspring, but the process can introduce small mistakes, which can produce random changes.

Morality (a form of cultural evolution) is rooted in – and transcends – natural selection.

If religion was ever adaptive – that is conducive to survival and reproductive success—it no longer is.

Rossano on the Darwinian Theory

Variability- a measure of the tendency of individual genotypes in a population to vary from one another

Heritability- is the proportion of phenotypic variations in a population that is due to genetic variation between individuals. Heritability measures the fraction of phenotype variability that can be credited to genetic variation. It can be seen that heritability is specific to a particular population in a particular environment.

Competition- individuals in different/same species compete for the same resources in an ecosystem. or may occur when individuals of two separate speices share limiting resources in the same area.

Evolution- determines who lives, who dies, and who passes on traits to the next generation.

History of life→ all life shares a common ancestor

Morality and religion (forms of cultural evolution that enhances survival and reproductive chances) are rooted in – and transcends—natural selection.

Religion was an adaption and is likely to remain and adaption for the foreseeable future.